A Place for Everything and for Everything a Place: Part 2

This post is an informal reflection of my most recent middle school unit which aligned with the goal above as well as my teaching objectives of authenticity, design thinking, project-based learning, and establishing student buy-in.


Students were paired up and assigned one of the power tools that formerly just piled up on top of my toolbox. Tools included: cordless drills, impacts, and hammer drills, as well as, chargers, and palm sanders. Students were told the project must:

1.) Work almost exclusively for only their tool (no plain shelves, prevent putting the wrong tool in the wrong place)

2.) Show consideration for things like cord management, bits being left in drill chucks, hold tool with or without battery,

3.) Be user-friendly


We then built the tool holders using plywood and pocket screws. 


Overall the unit looked like this:

1. Partner Assignment (random- teachers, look for the random student selector in PowerSchool)

2. Tool Assignment (also random)

3. Find two solutions online to your problem. One solution you like, and one solution you don't like.

4. Come up with your own five solutions with your teammate.

5. Pick one solution and build a prototype out of Styrofoam and cardboard.

6. List parts and dimensions of assembly.

7. Draw front, top, and right view of each part with dimensions included.

8. Draw exploded view of entire assembly. (This ended up being me modeling isometric sketching for most teams.)

9. Build design.


Tune in this Wednesday for more in-depth reflection on this unit, and pictures to boot!


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