Things I am Grateful For

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You. You are one thing I am thankful for. Seriously, if you are reading this blog, I am thankful for your interests, and/or our relationship. Thanks for reading. I am not soliciting for a donation here, but, genuinely, this has been a love/hate relationship worthy of a whole other post. However, my feelings for have developed much traction on the love side. I've learned more about their desire to reform education by going to the teachers, instead of coming down on teachers. Their interest to improve school funding transparency has also helped to win my heart. Honestly, without them, I would be a quarter of the teacher I am now due to frustration and burnout, if nothing else.


Which brings me to my next point: Donors. Through and other mediums, I have supporters, often strangers, from literally New York to California. Donors have a magic way of sending love right when I am wet and cold, in the bottom of the teaching industry trenches, giving me the extra boost I need to pull through the day.


Family. Of course. Mine's special in the we-don't-have-to-stay-in-touch-24/7-but-can-reconnect-on-a-dime-without-missing-a-beat kind of way.


My best friends. Though students try to claim this title, there is no competition. The three of us make a delightful trifecta of practical, theoretical, and social knowledge wrapped up like an overstuffed burrito.


My girlfriend. And I just have to stop. She teaches my students. They read this. There is only so much sap a branch can hold, and she knows she's cool, like windows-down-on-a-sunny-day-in-a-mountain-pass cool. 


My students. Yup, the sap is squeezing out. Seriously though, as much as they can tax me, they can energize me 10-fold.  If I taught as much as I learn from all of my students, I could put Aristotle to shame.


My house. It's so cool. I once lived in a house with a 5 car garage. I once lived in a house with a wooden spiral staircase. I once lived in a house surrounded by endless forest. I once lived in a house where I could see Kodiak bear catch and eat fish. But this silly, kind of 2 bedroom, kind of 1 bath, house is my fave. No solid justification here, just truth.


My truck is cool. I like it.


My job. It's almost like I'm working at a summer camp. Which is funny as that was the first job I ever had.


USA. Even with the stinky poop people like to constantly remind you of, the immediate backdrop is still absolutely beautiful.


My gifts, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and overall well-being.  I often remind myself of the natural musician who refuses to acknowledge gratitude for their talent, or use their gift as well as they could.

I think we all do that to a degree, and I'd like to stop, and give my abilities and well-being a solid pat on the back, as you should also do with your own abilities and gifts. 

<Whack-a-Mole                                                                                                                              Looking at the Mirror>

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