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Our digital age has allowed us to connect with others like us in a profoundly impactful way. While some will always complain things are not the way they used to be, the ability to connect as we are able to now has, for me, generated a sense of the small-town feel goods.


One relationship contributing to this positive outlook has been the one developed with Mr. Ron Grosinger. Ron's story was posted on our blog and our relationship (which started from a few Instagram likes) has been a powerfully reflective and powerfully collaborative. 


This is why we have started a podcast. Click the recent episodes below or take a listen at https://anchor.fm/schoolshop.

Shop class with Mr. G and Mr Barbercheck

Episode 28, subjective versus objective, project-based learning. (Sun, 10 Feb 2019)
In episode 28, Mr. Barbaracheck and Mister G dissect the competitive and non-competitive projects available to students in shop class. Real-world world projects verse internal competitions. and everything in between. Some of the inspiration for this episode came from Esther Wojcicki. Check out her Ted Talk on project-based learning https://youtu.be/uQxsLPf1s0k Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/schoolshop/support This podcast is sponsored by Flipboard and Anchor
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Episode 27, TCNJ shop teacher college major Harrison D'Amico (Sun, 27 Jan 2019)
In episode 27, we interview Harrison D'Amico, a college senior that will become a shop teacher next year. We asked about his path, and preparation for the future. https://instagram.com/mr_damico?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=bnt2pu6w9nyw Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/schoolshop/support
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