Course Title: Students Part 2

Anthony is a student who is hyper-curious about building trades, and found work on his own this summer, in the field. Knowing this opportunity was coming, we used my class as a training ground.

Anthony got to run a crew of four other students in building small projects using common framing methods, and participate in a building trades competition that allowed him to get additional experience and help building skills from industry professionals.


Patrick is a student who has a natural ability for welding. He is in the same class as Anthony, but preferred to focus on welding. Using the welding curriculum from a reputable school, Patrick practiced and improved every day with periodic sideline coaching. As he advanced, I brought in a university professor to coach him in preparation for a certificate level test.


Neil is a student interested in civil engineering and architecture. During sign-up for classes for next year we discussed directed study options using mostly CAD to prepare him for the collegiate level of those content areas. Networking with his chosen university, Michigan Tech, is one of our next action steps in order to offer him the appropriate preparation.


Overall, by matching curriculum to individual students who know their interests, the match to relevant career pathways forms itself through community connections and student drive.


See: Course Title: Students


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