22. September 2018
Some differences are visible. Others aren't.

15. September 2018
Image Credit: Trevor Mackenzie Some reflection of my personal project curriculum

18. August 2018
An introduction to my personal project curriculum.

11. August 2018
Current ways the Hawk Shop connects to local employers.

14. July 2018
This is a blurb about how The Hawk Shop encourages play, exploration, and experimentation in student learning.

07. July 2018
Why it's important to teach to the student, and not to a pre-determined agenda.

30. June 2018
This was written in response to a question on the Harbor Freight Tools for Schools Prize for Teaching Excellence 2018 application. The question was: What do you love most about being a skilled trades teacher in general, and about what you teach in particular?

23. June 2018
A passion for understanding people, and a passion for understanding things, has led me to become a teacher of the trades.

16. June 2018
Our digital age has allowed us to connect with others like us in a profoundly impactful way. While some will always complain things are not the way they used to be, the ability to connect as we are able to now has, for me, generated a sense of the small-town feel goods.

12. May 2018
How I would have skipped getting my teaching degree and built my industrial skills from the start, be more appreciated by the state, and employable by districts.

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