01. April 2019
Every month our school puts out a newsletter and I decided to post my monthly update here on the blog for the audience located outside of our direct mail route.
23. March 2019
Let me run you by a plan I have in the works that I hope would garnish your support, as well as your advice and criticism.

03. February 2019
I don't have a lot of experience reading this genre but every now and then I come across someone's journey through craftsmanship and enjoy living vicariously through their writing.

26. January 2019
Recently, I began implementing a level of literal “reflection” of our shop skills by incorporating the use of mirrors in the classroom.

19. January 2019
<The Hierarchy of Knowledge Goal to Incorporate Film in the Classroom>

12. January 2019
How the Simpsons, a sideways van, and a go-kart taught me about the hierarchy of knowledge.

15. December 2018
After writing about craftsmanship last week, this week I write about allowing mistakes to happen on projects and how to keep that from becoming the antagonist of craftsmanship.

08. December 2018
This is one of my responses to the Harbor Freight Tools for Schools Prize for Teaching Excellence regarding the instillment of craftsmanship in the classroom.

01. December 2018
A post about Individualizing Instruction and a potential tool that may be useful in aiding the mission, disovered during the Harbor Freight Tools for Schools Prize for Teaching Excellence.

22. September 2018
Some differences are visible. Others aren't.

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