The Lab Startup

I've got many goals I'll cover over the course of this journey. The next two posts are on:


Have a place for everything, and for everything a place.


When starting out, the only things I could tell that had a place were the tools bolted to the floor. Everything else looked like the typical American garage. Piles here, piles there. One thing would be in the way of three other things, three things would be in the way of one thing. A type of environment that would induce anxiety in certain personalities.


All that would be fine, if I was standing in a garage, but I'm standing in a classroom. A classroom that has to serve multiple people within the confines of a single hour. Serving clientele that left just one second idle in that environment will find something to do that may or may not be destructive or dangerous. Clientele that performs best with structure and organization and should be taught organization skills through modeling. 


I often wonder if it'd be easier to start from scratch. But I can't, and game on. Wednesday I'll outline the steps we've taken and the plan in place to help any of you in a similar situation. Whether it's a classroom... or your garage.

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