Trip to NMU for Metals Testing

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In alignment with our goal to add metals content to our curriculum and our goal to implement collegiate recognized content, the HawkShop took a trip to Northern Michigan University's materials testing lab to show the effects of heat treatment on metal and introduce basic material properties.


The trip was tons of fun and a nice break from our usual grind. Dr. Marlor, my former Materials Science professor, did a great job of working with the students. 


Materials science is a great segue into many chemistry concepts. While we didn't dive that deep into this time around, it does help me chip away at the goal of implementing content that is distinguishable at the collegiate level. 


I was introduced to implementing instruction this content not just from prior experience but also out reach by ASM international to increase materials education in public schools.


Students normalized, and quenched samples of steel. Students then tested the hardness and toughness of the samples, as well as, the hardness and toughness of an unaltered sample. We used samples with two different amounts of carbon content in the steel. Students walked away with a great exposure to the characteristics of steel and how those characteristics may be altered.


Local media got in on the action as well:

The Mining Journal


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