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I used to have a metric indicating that it was time to say no to new projects. The metric was two-fold, starting with the first symptom that showed usually followed shortly by the second. First, typically, was my daily ritual of making the bed would fall to the wayside. Secondly, I would run out of clean clothes, indicating my lack of proactive laundry duties.


When these two things would happen, I knew I had taken on more commitments than I could handle. It was time to say no to new commitments. It was time to cancel frivolous commitments. It was time to close out any quickly accessible loose ends to projects and it was time to buckle down and follow through on the ongoing valuable projects.


Recently, those two metrics have failed to serve me. The reason, which is a reason I am extremely grateful for, is because I now have a partner to take on this crazy thing called life. This partner also has an appreciation for a daily bed-making ritual, and takes care of laundry in exchange for vehicle maintenance. I am now in need of new metrics,as I have a habit of biting off just slightly more than I can chew. I would always prefer to do one thing  wholeheartedly than two things half-heartedly.


Unfortunately the teaching career isn’t favorable to that type of mentality. It’s a game of whack-a-mole with the student assessment mole popping up here, solid record keeping there, differentiating instruction over here, then parent contact over there, curriculum design popping up with, CAD curriculum, Spanish curriculum, middle school vs high school curriculum moles popping up here, here, and here, student discipline, there, project based learning materials - whack! Culture, teamwork, and character education- whack, whack, WHACK! Fundraising ,get it, over there! Teacher reflection-



That last mole, teacher reflection, I want to ensure I hit. Which is why I’ve decided that my blog updates, which are more about me reflecting, than entertaining you, will be my new metric. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I will express things I am grateful for in my next post.

<Video From Jason Cameron Visit                                                                                      Things I am Grateful For>

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